Wedding vs. Marriage

-by Lyrik08, who continues her 3-part series on Love, Weddings, & Marriage

Part II – Weddings
You want your ceremony in a large chapel, reception in the grand ballroom at the Ritz with 400 of your “closest” friends and family.
He’s thinking of a small ceremony with just your 50 closest friends and family.
What do you do?

Are you willing to risk being with the man of your dreams in order to plan the wedding of your dreams?

Try to avoid the mid planning argument where your fiancé says he doesn’t like any of the plans you’ve made over the last five months. Make sure to sit down together and get a feel of what his ideas are for his special day. Remember, this is not just YOUR day, no matter what everyone tells you.

Make sure to at least ask your mate if he has any opinions. He may say, “Whatever you want, babe.” Or, you may just be surprised that he has a lot of great ideas.

Some questions to ask your partner and open the dialogue before you call up the wedding planner and get the wedding ball rolling, because once it starts, it can be hard to bring that puppy to a halt:

What type of wedding do you want? Location?
What colors do you like?
How many people?

So where do you draw the line? How do you deal when you so badly want the 10 stretch limos and he’s thinking of just renting a sports car to drive the two of you away?

Compromise, Compromise, Compromise.

Here is your chance to practice something you’ll use far beyond the wedding.

Meet each other half way. If he says east and you say west, maybe you can settle for the middle of the map. He wants steak you want salmon. Maybe if you cut back to 200 people instead of 400 you can have both.

Stop and look at the list of things you have as very important to your day. Ask yourself, "Will I look back on this day and be devastated that I didn't have XYZ and is it worth an argument?" I'm almost positive you'll knock a few things off your list if you know it will make your fiance more comfortable.

I’m not saying this is an easy process but you don’t want to alienate your future husband or make him so uncomfortable that he gets spooked.

The biggest thing to remember is that the wedding is just a day… the marriage is a lifetime.

Stay tuned.....part III - Marriage


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