DynaSmiles' Wedding Invitations Take The Cake

Yet another long-overdue review regarding an extremely talented artist. African-AmericanBrides.com is no stranger to Daveia Odoi of Dynasmiles. Long before she became the design powerhouse she is now, she created our very first beloved blog banner. Two things struck me back then. What we learned even from that project was that even if she knows you personally Daveia brings class, professionalism, and endless creativity to her work. Nowadays she offers a variety of products and I'm proud to say I knew her when. But does her new wedding stationery stand up to our expectations? We reviewed the line to find out.

When I got my hands on the Daveia's invitations, I noticed her trademark colorful and playful style right away. I thought about today's modern, personal, close-knit weddings and felt that she was on the right track. If invitations set the tone of each couple's nuptials, then these pieces definitely let the invitees know they're in for a joyous occasion. Everything was so beautiful and cultural. What a blessing to have stationery that reflects your life and who you are. Needless to say, I was very impressed! What do you think of these invitations and thank you cards?

As longtime readers know, I have always been a stickler about paper quality. Sure, some people believe invitations are made to be read and then thrown away. But I know better. Many family members and friends keep wedding-related stationery FOR YEARS. So while you don't have to spend a mint on invitations or thank you cards, if nice to have quality paper that can stand the test of time. Judging by the feel of the card stock from this wedding line, Dynasmiles must have known this too. In addition, these can be customized with your own text and color schemes.

Since my wedding was almost a decade ago, I can't benefit from this gorgeous line. That's why I'm happy to see that Dynasmiles also offers cards for children's birthday parties, showers and other special occasions! What are your thoughts about modern wedding invitations and thank you cards? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for this review and the thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Wordless Wednesday: Monica & James

Meet James and Monica, our happy couple from New Orleans, LA.    The two were together for 14 years before tying the knot this fall.  Congratulations, newlyweds! 

Ceremony Venue:  Lafreniere Park, Metairie, LA

Reception Venue:  Chateau Menteur
Photography:  Flawless Images (Trezzle Landry)
Makeup:  Shannon Foxworthy Taylor

Surprise Proposal at a Toni Braxton Concert

Now here's a guy who knows how to surprise a lady!    Yesterday, one of our friends on our Facebook page told us that he proposed to his girlfriend on stage at a Toni Braxton concert in Detroit.   Well we had to see it to believe it, and he did not disappoint.   The whole thing was caught on tape and transformed into a heartwarming Youtube video.   Truly amazing.   Just watch....

What do you ladies and gents think???

Bringing the FUN!

When couples love being together and aren't afraid to show it, fun and fantastic pictures are the result. Love it.

Submitted by Nicole Charles Bradley Photography by Blue Labs Photography

Wordless Wednesday: Shoya & Tony

Submitted by Shoya Bowman and Tony Allen
Fort Lauderdale, FL

African-American Brides' Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2013

Every bride-to-be wants to feel that her engagement right is as unique as her own style. So, each year brings new ideas for engagements rings. But you know what they say, "There's really nothing new under the sun." And that is certainly true for something as traditional as an engagement ring. Even the most non-traditional ones are, by definition, part of tradition. But that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the latest trends, as long as they represent YOU. So if you stumble across something that resonates with you, go for it! That said, here are our top engagement ring trends of 2013. Let us know what you think!

Custom engagement rings. When you're truly looking for something outside-the-box or deeply sentimental you may want to look into jewelers who specialize in custom engagement rings, such as Bookman & Son who created this quartz and diamond stunner.

Ring from Bookman & Son

The East-West Ring

Ring from Bario Neal

Vintage style

From Tumblr

Floral details

From Tumblr

Colored Stones - Whether champagne diamonds, blue sapphires, topaz, and others!

From Tumblr

Conflict-free/Blood free diamonds

From Ken & Dana Design

OK, what do you think? Did we leave anything out??? If so, let us know!

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