Happy New Year!

We just want to take time out of our holiday break to say Happy New Year to all of our fabulous brides-to-be, newlyweds and "old married ladies". As we look back, this has truly been a momentous year. But of course we are already lining up more great things for our readers in 2011. We heart you more than words can say. Let us all make this year a great one!

Pictures from a New Year's Eve wedding photographed by Jessica Claire

Christmas & Engagements

As our regular readers have probably noticed, we are now on our holiday posting schedule. That means there will be slightly fewer posts until after New Year's Day, but that does not mean that we aren't still cranking out juicy content. Wedding experts tell us that Christmas marks a prime time for couples to become officially engaged. What about you? Are you expecting to become a bride-to-be on Christmas Day? Or are you a married lady who received your proposal on Christmas? If so, please tell us all about it!

Oh, Happy Day! Part Deux

For today's installment of Wordless Wednesday we give you more pictures from the beautiful wedding of our planner-turned-bride, Brittiny from Amour Toujours Event Design. Enjoy!

Wordless Wednesday: Deep In the Heart of Texas

Ashley & Antoine
Richmond, TX
Studio979 Wedding Photography

Oh, Happy Day!

One of our resident wedding planners (and blogger extraordinaire) is now a married lady. Our own Brittiny Mays tied the knot with her sweetie over the weekend. While her wedding day pics roll in, please enjoy a sneak peak from her bridal portraits.

Feather bouquet made by the lovely bride

Bridal photo by Addie Gibbons Photography

If you've been following along with Brittiny's story, you know that there have been some twists and turns on the way to the altar. We'll get a full recap on that and the big dress giveaway from the newlywed herself after her honeymoon.

The AAB Weekly Reader

We're busy busy bees this time of year. Besides the usual rush for the holidays, we're also coming up with new and fun topics for our readers. While we get ready to send hot stuff down the pike, please be sure to check out some great reads from some of our favorite people.

The Gloss poses this question to brides-to-be who are still gown shopping: Would you wear a long sleeve wedding dress?

There are bound to be some squabbles ahead for newlyweds but Black and Married with kids reminds us that there are ways to argue effectively.

YvonneAndYvettiquette have some insights on reacting with dignity when that part of your life that was in the dark has come to light.

We've all heard of unfair mark-ups on weddings. So should you fib about your "event" to save money? Here's what ManoloBrides.com had to say about that.

Are you a wedding attendant in charge of throwing a bridal shower? Never fear! You can be the mastermind behind a fun and fabulous event with these five tips.

Kudos to Cassandra Bromfield for showcasing these truly gorgeous shoes by Figgie, which are handpainted with couple's names and wedding date. They're some of the most unique wedding accessories I've seen in a LONG time.

Top left photo courtesy of Brides

Wordless Wednesday: Brandon & Shashray

Source: ElizabethAnneDesigns.com
Photo: T2 Photography
Event Stylist: Latrice Cushenberry
Nashville, Tennessee

Etsy Find of the Day: Mini Top Hat

For brides-to-be who want to think outside of the box, handmade goods are often the way to go. Today's Etsy find is a bridal mini top hat with ostrich plume by TwoBackFlats.

Evening Inspiration

Many engaged couples are saving money by having their wedding receptions later in the day. And good for them. With some creative lighting and decor, evening receptions can be beautifully romantic!

Minoo Hersini

from Mountaintop Inn Weddings

Preston Bailey

Alexandra Malloy

Amour Toujours Events

Wordless Wednesday: Brothers in Arms

Garrett-Nudd Photography
Atlanta, Georgia

Wedding Dress of the Day: Galina

This beautiful, carefree style is by Galina Signature

Alfred Angelo Dress Giveaway!

- by Brittiny

This year has marked two very personal tragedies and life changing events for me. I have decided that I should live by a mantra that I have believed in for a very long time: Do onto others as you would have them do unto you. Therefore, I have decided to give away my second wedding dress that I bought on an emotional whim :D. It is a size 12 Alfred Angelo designer destination wedding gown that retails for $1199 and was on sale for $640. The dress was a store sample and will need to be cleaned. It is a discontinued sample, but the stock number is 755. The dress is white. The only caveat to my giveaway is I would like a story in 100 words or less of why you deserve to be the winner of the dress. Shipping expenses are not covered in the win and will be $75.00.

E-mail your story to me. Don't wait! The deadline is Black Friday (November 26th), which is also known as the day after Thanksgiving.

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