Oh, Happy Day!

One of our resident wedding planners (and blogger extraordinaire) is now a married lady. Our own Brittiny Mays tied the knot with her sweetie over the weekend. While her wedding day pics roll in, please enjoy a sneak peak from her bridal portraits.

Feather bouquet made by the lovely bride

Bridal photo by Addie Gibbons Photography

If you've been following along with Brittiny's story, you know that there have been some twists and turns on the way to the altar. We'll get a full recap on that and the big dress giveaway from the newlywed herself after her honeymoon.

The AAB Weekly Reader

We're busy busy bees this time of year. Besides the usual rush for the holidays, we're also coming up with new and fun topics for our readers. While we get ready to send hot stuff down the pike, please be sure to check out some great reads from some of our favorite people.

The Gloss poses this question to brides-to-be who are still gown shopping: Would you wear a long sleeve wedding dress?

There are bound to be some squabbles ahead for newlyweds but Black and Married with kids reminds us that there are ways to argue effectively.

YvonneAndYvettiquette have some insights on reacting with dignity when that part of your life that was in the dark has come to light.

We've all heard of unfair mark-ups on weddings. So should you fib about your "event" to save money? Here's what ManoloBrides.com had to say about that.

Are you a wedding attendant in charge of throwing a bridal shower? Never fear! You can be the mastermind behind a fun and fabulous event with these five tips.

Kudos to Cassandra Bromfield for showcasing these truly gorgeous shoes by Figgie, which are handpainted with couple's names and wedding date. They're some of the most unique wedding accessories I've seen in a LONG time.

Top left photo courtesy of Brides

Wordless Wednesday: Brandon & Shashray

Source: ElizabethAnneDesigns.com
Photo: T2 Photography
Event Stylist: Latrice Cushenberry
Nashville, Tennessee

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