Celebrate In Color Review

This is a really, really, really overdue review. Celebrate In Color approached me about reviewing their products A YEAR AGO. During that time, one thing or another kept cropping up - everything from a blog hiatus to digital camera woes. But now that I've had a chance to thoroughly review these products I can say, "Boy, was it worth it!" No lie - these items are some of the most adorable party products and stationary I've ever seen for people of color, covering everything from engagement parties to wedding showers. If I weren't already be married, I'd be all over them. Take a look:

Paper Cups

Paper Plates

Shower and Party Invitations

They all look great, right?! And I'm happy to report that the quality and thickness of all the materials are very good. I love quality invitations no matter what the occasion and I was impressed that these in particular were printed on a nice cardstock in unique designs. I highly recommend all of these. Now I have to find someone to throw a shower for! Celebrate in Color is located in Virginia but can be contacted worldwide through the website, CelebrateInColor.com, or on Facebook.

Wordless Wednesday: Ashlie & Aaron

See more of their pics and read their incredible story on the blog TheFutureMrsEvans.

Wedding Dress of the Day

Take a look at this stunning powder blue wedding gown designed by Claire LaFaye. Gorgeous!

What do you think? Would you take a chance on a powder blue dress for your wedding day? Let us know!

What Happened to the Pics!?

Have you ever deliberately put something in a safe place, but when you go back to look for it later it's gone? That's the feeling we've had for the last couple of weeks when it comes to our most recent blog posts. As you may have noticed some of the recent photos on our blog have vanished and have been replaced with a symbol. Apparently, this is part of a glitch that sometimes happens when you have a Picasa account and share your blogspot posts on Google+. Who knew? We are working to get the images back and replenish the posts. Stay tuned! Image source: jpgmag

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