Pardon Our Dust!

Alright, ladies and gents! By now, some of you can probably tell that we're in the middle of a redesign. If you've tried to go to the main site in the last two days, you've probably gotten a redirect error. This is GOOD. It means we're making the transition to a platform that will make the site easier to find on search engines and easier for you to bookmark - even though you won't notice any real changes right away. Things should be back to normal over the next day or so, and as usual we'll always be clicking along right here on the blog. Kisses to our fabulous readers for sticking with us while we grow bigger and better!

Photo by spieri_sf is on Pinterest

Ah, yes. We've joined the rest of the world in pinning our favorite engagement, wedding, honeymoon, and newlywed images at If you're over there, please stop by our little page for a visit. We'll be filling that space with some of our favorite pictures and ideas, and of course we'll still be blogging here too.

Also, nifty bridal and wedding reviews coming up right here on the African American Brides blog!

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