Etsy Find of the Day: Mini Top Hat

For brides-to-be who want to think outside of the box, handmade goods are often the way to go. Today's Etsy find is a bridal mini top hat with ostrich plume by TwoBackFlats.

Evening Inspiration

Many engaged couples are saving money by having their wedding receptions later in the day. And good for them. With some creative lighting and decor, evening receptions can be beautifully romantic!

Minoo Hersini

from Mountaintop Inn Weddings

Preston Bailey

Alexandra Malloy

Amour Toujours Events

Wordless Wednesday: Brothers in Arms

Garrett-Nudd Photography
Atlanta, Georgia

Wedding Dress of the Day: Galina

This beautiful, carefree style is by Galina Signature

Alfred Angelo Dress Giveaway!

- by Brittiny

This year has marked two very personal tragedies and life changing events for me. I have decided that I should live by a mantra that I have believed in for a very long time: Do onto others as you would have them do unto you. Therefore, I have decided to give away my second wedding dress that I bought on an emotional whim :D. It is a size 12 Alfred Angelo designer destination wedding gown that retails for $1199 and was on sale for $640. The dress was a store sample and will need to be cleaned. It is a discontinued sample, but the stock number is 755. The dress is white. The only caveat to my giveaway is I would like a story in 100 words or less of why you deserve to be the winner of the dress. Shipping expenses are not covered in the win and will be $75.00.

E-mail your story to me. Don't wait! The deadline is Black Friday (November 26th), which is also known as the day after Thanksgiving.

Music Monday: Etta James

Etta James
"At Last"

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