Alfred Angelo Dress Giveaway!

- by Brittiny

This year has marked two very personal tragedies and life changing events for me. I have decided that I should live by a mantra that I have believed in for a very long time: Do onto others as you would have them do unto you. Therefore, I have decided to give away my second wedding dress that I bought on an emotional whim :D. It is a size 12 Alfred Angelo designer destination wedding gown that retails for $1199 and was on sale for $640. The dress was a store sample and will need to be cleaned. It is a discontinued sample, but the stock number is 755. The dress is white. The only caveat to my giveaway is I would like a story in 100 words or less of why you deserve to be the winner of the dress. Shipping expenses are not covered in the win and will be $75.00.

E-mail your story to me. Don't wait! The deadline is Black Friday (November 26th), which is also known as the day after Thanksgiving.


GlitzyLadi said...


What a wonderful thing to do! God will bestow many blessing upon you.

African-American Brides said...

I agree! What a beautiful thing to do. :)


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