Christmas & Engagements

As our regular readers have probably noticed, we are now on our holiday posting schedule. That means there will be slightly fewer posts until after New Year's Day, but that does not mean that we aren't still cranking out juicy content. Wedding experts tell us that Christmas marks a prime time for couples to become officially engaged. What about you? Are you expecting to become a bride-to-be on Christmas Day? Or are you a married lady who received your proposal on Christmas? If so, please tell us all about it!


jenn said...

What a classic time to share that special love.


svrbrownsuga said...

My hubby to be asked me to marry him on christmas night :D. We were playing the game Cherades (sp?) and he said it was 5 words and after him acting out the phrase that I just couldn't figure out I gave up. I clowned him and told him how bad he was at this game and finally he got down on one knee and took the ring out of his pocket and asked the big question, I cried tears of joy. We are high school sweethearts and been together 10 years. The memorable day I that I will always adore :)

African-American Brides said...

Aw.... so sweet! :)

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