Dressing Your Best- As a Wedding Guest

Most brides and grooms spend months figuring out the perfect attire for the big day. So, wedding guests should put at least a few minutes of thought into what they're going to wear to the nuptials, as well. But it's not as complicated as you might think.

The good news is that most invitations will designate the dress code. There are four main categories. Any others (like country casual or easy elegance or festive) are made up. They might still be relevant, but for the sake of simplicity most people stick to the four they know for sure. Expert Cynthia Nellis does a pretty good job of fleshing them out. Click HERE for more tips from her.

Among our favorite tips:
1) Don't try to upstage the bride. Why we agree: It won't work, everyone will see what you're trying to do, and it's bad karma.

2) If you have to ask whether it's appropriate, it probably isn't. Why we agree: Clubwear belongs in the club. And since many weddings take place in a church, a wedding is probably not a place to flash bits of skin you wouldn't show at the office.

3) This goes along with number 1. WHYYYYYYY wear white? Why? There are dozens of other colors and shades to choose from. Please tell us why on earth you would choose the day of another woman's wedding to wear white. Yes, your cousin will probably understand that you are a little "extra", but honestly. Unless you own only one dress, just don't do it.

4) If the invitation doesn't specify, it's OK to assume the wedding is semi-formal. Why we agree: Most weddings these days are semi-formal. As Nina Calloway of About.com says, semi-formal means a short dress or pants with a nice shirt for daytime and a cocktail dress for evening.

Since the heat is on already, here are some suggestions for the Spring and Summer:

Did we get it right? Or oh-so-wrong? If you have any comments or tips you want to add, please click on comments.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I disagree its ok to weare white if thats your only dress. If you are old enough to attend a wedding you are old enough to have more than one dress. If you really only have one dress then make it black & focus on colorfull accesories. If your option is white or stay home then stay home!

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