A Wedding on Friday? Yes!

-by Erica
If you haven't received an invitation to a Friday wedding yet, you probably will.
Friday weddings are catching on- for good reason! Some wedding planners say Friday may eventually become almost as popular for weddings as Saturday. Imagine that. That might sound far-fetched right now. But think about it- there are some serious advantages to holding your wedding on the last workday of the week.

* Saving money. The biggest advantage to you is the cost savings. Many vendors offer big discounts for Friday weddings. Venues, caterers, and photographers that were out of your price range for Saturday might be right on the mark for Friday. With Saturday being such a popular day for weddings, many vendors HAVE to have a lower price for Friday events to ensure they get business that day.

* Less competition. Let's say you're determined to have a June wedding. With June being the most popular wedding month, the venues you want are booked up for every single weekend. But, wait. Did you ask them about Friday? There's much less competition for weekdays than for weekends.

*A later ceremony. On a Friday, you can have a ceremony later in the afternoon. That would make it easier for your guests to get off work early. In fact, some of them may nott have to leave work early at all.

* Honeymoon preps. If you're going on a honeymoon, having Saturday as an extra day to pack is a huge advantage. (Take it from the girl who had to wake up at 4 ayem to catch a flight to Saint Lucia on a Sunday morning.) Wouldn't it be nice to have an extra day to get ready, open wedding gifts or simply relax before the trip?

* Your guests might appreciate it. With a Friday wedding your guests can sleep in on Saturday morning and still have the rest of their weekend for other things.

What do you think? Is the idea of having a Friday wedding just too weird for you? Would you even consider it? Or maybe you've already had or attended a Friday wedding. Tell us all about it in our comments section.


Showers Blog said...

I was married on a Friday and everyone loved it. Selecting a week day wedding saved us over $5,000 and added to our unique, non-traditional feel.

Anonymous said...

My wedding was also on a Friday and let us relax and enjoy our entire weekend of festivities.

T and J said...

Oh, I'm so glad to read those positive comments avout a Friday wedding. My Love and I have decided on a Friday wedding, too (until April 2010), but I was worried people would have a hard time getting the day off from work...Then again, if they really want to join us that special day they would find a way, right? I figure we're giving them plenty of time to plan ahead and take that day off.. Any thoughts on that?

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