Add Your Own Caption - A DIY Game by DNT

-by DNT

This game is ideal for any get-to-gether where a particular individual or couple is the main focus such as a birthday party or in my case, an engagement party!

Things You'll Need:
1. Sufficient wall space.
2. One roll of gift wrap (Yes, I said gift wrap!).
3. At least one picture of the honored couple.
4. Sheets of label paper. If label paper is not available, then sheets of computer paper is just as good as long as you have some tape!
5. Tape, Scissors, & Writing Utencils (pens, pencils, markers, etc).
6. Access to a computer and printer.

1. Find a good candid picture of the engaged couple and print it out on label paper at letter size.
2. If you're creative, make your own talk bubbles (or just search for one online) and print those out on label paper as well. (I was able to fit 4 talk bubbles to a sheet.)
3. Cut the sheets into individual pieces.
4. While you're on the computer print out directions for your guests to follow. I have those directions below.
5. Bring all items to the open wall space that you have already designated. I used a wall in my basement.
6. To protect your wall, tape the gift wrap to the wall with the back side facing up and printed side facing the wall. This should create a "white board" (or what ever color the back side of the gift wrap is) for you to post to.
7. If printed on label paper, peel of backing to picture and paste it to the middle of your "white board". If printed on regular paper, just tape it on.
8. Paste directions for your guests along the top or bottom of your "white board".
9. Finally, assemble the individual talk bubble pieces and the writing utencils close by for guests to use.

Directions for Guests:
1. Think of what each person in the picture is thinking or saying.
2. Write down what you've come up with on the talk bubble.
3. Peel of backing and stick to wall. Have Fun!

DNT of DNT Dynamite Design specializes in high quality designs perfect for any DIY wedding project including monograms, programs and invitations.


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