Top Wedding Songs for the First Dance

Have you heard? Yahoo is ranking the Most Popular Wedding Songs for the First Dance. Some of the selections are no-brainers. But some of the others, are... I mean, is "On Bended Knee" by Boyz II Men really a wedding song? As I recall the lyrics are something like:

Darlin’ I can’t explain
Where did we lose our way
Girl it’s drivin’ me insane
And I know I just need one more chance
To prove my love to you
If you come back to me
I’ll gurantee
That I’ll never let you go

Can we go back to the days when our love was strong
Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong
Can somebody tell me how to get things back
They way they use to be
Oh God give me a reason
I’m down on bended knee
I’ll never walk again until you come back to me
I’m down on bended knee

But don't mind us. Take a look at the list and tell us what you think. You'll find the top list HERE along with links to the songs themselves. Enjoy!


Peridot26 said...

This post made me laugh! On bended knee IS a odd song for a first dance, but I've heard worse, such as "Id rather be with you" by Bootsy Collins!
My first dance and father/daughter song were on that list so I suppose I'm pretty much normal:)

Anonymous said...

If I start listing offensive songs former brides might recognize themselves LOL! My only admonition is ladies PLEASE listen to the words. The melody may be nice, the hook may be romantic but if the words of the song make no sense people will sit there with a WTH look on their faces.

And unless you or your bridal party are professional dancers please stop asking your friends to recreate the entrance to Coming to America....its just not cute anymore.

Anonymous said...

This post was hilarious. I have hear a lot of odd ball first dance and ceremony

Anonymous said...

Too Funny.

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