Brides: Tie Your Shoe Laces!

....and they're off! Yes, it's almost time again. The annual Filene's Basement wedding dress sale known as "Running of the Brides" is coming up fast. You've probably seen snipets of the event on television: The door to the store opens, and mobs of women burst in on a mad dash for the perfect gown.

So, what's all the excitement about? It's been called one of the most entertaining events in the bridal industry for those of us who are just watching the chaos unfold, but many brides-to-be have used the event to get a designer gown at deep discount. At the sale, gowns that were originally tagged for thousands of dollars are marked down to just hundreds.

Check out the dates below:

Baltimore- July 11, 2008
Chicago- July 25, 2008
Washington, DC- August 1, 2008
Boston- August 22, 2008
Cleveland- October 17, 2008

You can find more information at You can even email Filene's for tips on getting your perfect dress at the event. But first take a look at a quick clip of the 2007 event in New York. Should the other brides have been mad at the girl hoarding 30 dresses? Or were they just haters? You be the judge.

So would you ever join the "Running of the Brides"? Have you already done it? Share your opinions in the comments section.


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