What is love?

-by Lyrik08

I’m home from seeing Sex in the City with 3 of my friends. I must admit, besides the usual Carrie fever you get from watching the four friends take on New York, and of course the SEX part of the city, this movie actually seems to delve into the HEART of the city.

Since there is no “tune in next week to see what’s going on with the ladies”, the movie has to take you to a few places in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. As I caught up on the lives of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda I thought about a few things: Love, Weddings, Marriage and Forgiveness

Let’s just say this is a 4-part blog.


What exactly does the word mean? Well, there are several meanings. We’ll take a collective meaning from Oxford and Webster: Love represents a range of human emotions and experiences related to the senses of affection and sexual attraction.

So what does that mean? I took a look at some of the best “love” songs and moments over the years to get a better idea of what love is and should be.

Al Green once crooned that, “Love will make you do wrong, make you do right.”

Sade said, “Love is stronger than pride.”

Chrisette Michelle told us, “Love is kind when the world is cold, love stays strong when the fight gets old.”

In Boomerang a heated Halle Berry yelled, “Love is not some kind of disease you just catch.”

And my girl Tamia had a song called Me where she realized, “loving you and loving me, just don’t seem to work at all.”

Love is more complex than its four letters. It’s not a fad, but a true set of emotions felt differently by everyone. It has its ups and downs. You’ll have moments when you’re sick of it, when you’ll wish you never encountered it and when you’ll realize why it can hurt so bad, but then feel so good.

Love makes you compromise and even concede though you may know you’re right. But love should never make you change who you are. You should never consume yourself so much with loving someone else that you forget to love yourself. Never make exceptions for someone who is truly not loving you the way YOU deserve to be loved. Don’t be so in love with being in love that you settle for just any kind of love.

I think Musiq Soulchild said it best in his song appropriately entitled Love, “for better or worse I still will choose you first.”

Make sure your love is the best love you can give and receive—you’ll love yourself for it.

Stay tuned for part II – Weddings.


Peridot26 said...

Well Said!! Love is all those things you described and more....which can mean different things to different people. The SATC movie is for sure an example of how love means differnt things to different people.

Tiffany said...

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