Weddings & Rumors of Weddings: Part Deux

Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan.
Alright, let's start with the one that's most likely to happen. The Washington Post is reporting that the Wizards superstar and his girlfriend of seven years are now engaged.

The couple has two kids together. They met in 2001, when he was a Golden State Warriors draft pick and she was doing PR for the Sacramento Kings. Since then, they've had a rocky road, but they've stuck it out. They're still being pretty hush-hush on the wedding date.

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian.
Don't know what possessed him, but this week the New Orleans Saint superstar sat down with and talked about his relationship with Kardashian, the Hollywood uh... Actress? Socialite? Sex tape star? Aw heck, why is she famous again? Anyway, whatever she is her man likes it because Reggie let it slip that marriage is in the plans. He didn't specify a date or time. But he said the day of reckoning is coming. Reggie, just send us an invite, OK?

Naomi Campbell and some really rich guy.
We know what you're thinking. Naomi is a catwalk pioneer, but this sister has a reputation for being a little "extra". Hey, look at it this way: Isn't it delicious that there really is someone for everyone? Several international news outlets are reporting that wedding bells could soon be ringing for the supermodel. Her current beau, Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin, has hinted that he may be ready to propose. And what a coincidence! Just this week Naomi has been spouting off about how she's ready to settle down and have a family.


Peridot26 said...

I think I'll throw up of Reggie Bush marries Kim, he could do much better

Anonymous said...

I was at school with her.

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