Marry Your Baby Daddy?

The movement known as Marry Your Baby Daddy Day™ is aiming to have the largest national mass wedding ever in 2009. For the last few years the group's founder Maryann Reid has been holding the event to bring families together and create stability in the lives of children born out of wedlock. And it's all FREE to the couples involved!

Applications are being accepted now for couples with children who want to get married as part of next year's event which will take place on September 24th. Reid says, "We are gathering licensed MYBDD™ partners in different cities in order to hold a simultaneous wedding on the same day." She says many of the couples have been together at least 5 years.

One of MYBDD's recent brides was featured on Read her story HERE. And for more information about becoming part of Marry Your Baby Daddy 2009, go to the website HERE.

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Dana said...

I think that the intent is good, but calling the event by that name I feels gives it a negative perspective.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree that the intent is good but everybody that has a child together is not necesarily a good marriage match. I think that the program should have some pre-marital counseling so that the parents know that marriage is more than "good intentions and wanting to do right by your child". With some couples, marriage can create more problems that could be negative for the child.

I wish she would please change the name to "Marry your Baby's Daddy" at least. Let's not make bad grammar the norm Black People...please!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the sentiment and underlying intent but like previous posters (1)I really take issue with the name and (2) I wonder how much marital counseling goes into the equation.

I know several women who have had children with a man they were not meant to be married to. Several of these women have gone on to find better suited mates, ones that love, honor, and cherish the women and their child(ren).

Without knowing more, my concern is that this is putting a bandaid on a broken leg.

Anonymous said...

Encouraging people to marry because they have a child together is irresponsible. The issue that needs to be dealt with is having children before marriage. Relationships should never be built around a child. The divorce rate continues to climb and movements like this only contribute to that problem. Marriage is a personal choice not a movement!

Anonymous said...

The intent is not for people that have children get married, their target are those couples that have children out of wed lock that WANT to make the commitment of marriage to each other. This organization does not support marrying someone just because you have a child with them, their mission is to unite families, not create unstable households. They do not support those who are not truly committed to the maintaining a life long union. Those who are committed are REQUIRED to attend premarital counseling. People please do your research prior to commenting on what you do not understand. Why change the name? That's what women call their children's father they aren't married to correct?

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with it, but how do we know that these dads REALLY want to marry? How do we know, it's not sincere?

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