So, Who Wants To Marry a "Bishop"?

You know...
Everytime you think this story can't get any more bizarre, it does. It seems Bishop Thomas Weeks III is already looking for a new Mrs. and he's turning to the internet to get it done. For those who haven't been keeping with the story, Weeks was married to televangelist Juanita Bynum. But she ended up filing for divorce last year and he pleaded guilty to assaulting her in a parking lot. Both sides have written about "what happened" and have even more materials for sale than they did before. Just drama, drama, drama.
Our friends at Black Web 2.0 have informed us that Weeks has launched a new website with a webisode called “Who will be the next Mrs. Weeks”. The webisode is also for sale on his other website. (Scroll ALL the way down.)
Maybe he doesn't think his personal life has received enough publicity over the last two years??? Anyway, in an Associated Press article Weeks said "On the ministry side she has to be very diverse. She can't be ugly."
Bynum is expected to respond to this latest turn today. Oh joy.


Dana said...

That is interesting that he is already looking for someone new.

Anonymous said...

Wow! No words!

yummy411 said...

seriously... you've got to be kidding me!

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