Are Children Invited to Your Wedding?

Aw... look at that face! How could he possibly be any trouble? Kids can be so adorable and their hijinks can be downright hilarious. But here's a tough question that can cause controversy for some brides. Should you allow children at your wedding? Many people love all children and wouldn't dream of not having them there. But brides who invision a quiet, orderly, grown up affair, would rather have a child-free wedding ceremony. Meantime, some children might find the whole thing incredibly boring anyway.

The reality is that young children might cry, yell, run around, grab the decor, or throw tantrums at inappropriate times. Some people mind. Others don't. And sometimes inattentive parents, not children, are the issue. The added cost of feeding the children of invited guests might also cause brides to go the "no kids" route.

If you decide to not invite children to the wedding, the gracious thing to do is let your guests know ahead of time.

1) Include all of the names of those invited on your wedding invitations and mention the number of seats reserved. (Leaving it at "The Smith Family" could cause confusion.)

2)Allow your attendants and close family members to spread the word.

3)You can also have "adults-only reception" printed on your reception card, which generally let's people know they shouldn't bring children to either event.

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How did you settle this issue? Or are you still working on it? Let us know by leaving your comments.


Anonymous said...

Well I didn't put on the invitation that children weren't invited because I know a lot of people attending have children. So a few showed up, none clowned and it was a nice time by all.

free wedding planning said...

Yes I like your article very much...Childrens are very innocent....Guests have an unforgettable memory of memory of your wedding so invite your wedding children

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