Faking the Funk: A Good Idea?

Can you really save money by keeping vendors in the dark about the fact that you're planning a wedding? We've all heard the advice suggesting that you tell potential vendors you're planning an "event" or "family gathering" instead of a wedding. The assumption (probably true in some cases!) is that as soon as you mention you're planning a wedding, vendors see dollar signs and start padding their invoices.

But the practice of avoiding the "W" word might not always be your best bet in the long run. Some vendors, like photographers and videographers, need to know what they're in for so they can prepare accordingly. If they can't do that, you might not get your money's worth no matter what you pay. Wedding Fanatic has more on this topic. Let us know what you think. Did you avoid telling your vendors you were planning a wedding? If so, how did it go? Are you a vendor who was caught off guard? Tell us all about it by clicking on comments.


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