Staying Organized: Label, Label, Label!

-Jennifer "The Clutter Queen" Humes
Guest Blogger

In 2007 there was an estimated 2.29 million weddings held in the United States. Wedding season is busy for friends and families, but brides often bare the brunt of the planning.

A wedding is a fun but hectic time for brides. To stay on top of everything there is to do, it’s important for brides to be organized. Here are some tips:

* Make a detailed shopping list of all of the organizational supplies and tools you’ll need to plan your wedding. You’ll need things like file folders, a three-ring binder, albums and boxes for cards and photos, and a DYMO® Personal Labelmaker – these will help keep you and your fiancĂ© organized while planning the big day.

* Create a binder with sections labeled for calendar, dress ideas, guest list, registry, shopping lists, showers and parties, thank you cards, gift lists, bridal party schedules, and so on. Take the binder with you on appointments and meetings. Everything will be in one place for easy reference.

* To help keep track of the landslide of wedding gifts you receive, use file folders and label them by category – gift cards and certificates, receipts, returns, etc. Also, consider labeling the outside of the box a gift comes in with who gave it to you. This will help when writing thank you notes later.

* Designate a table in a low-traffic area of your home for crafting wedding favors, invitations, note cards, etc. Label boxes for RSVPs, cards, ribbons, table-setting cards and more.

* Instead of letting wedding cards and photos pile up, store them in an album or photo box. Be sure to label the backs of cards and photos with names, dates, and location for quick and easy reference.

* Make multiple copies of photos and other special memorabilia to create one-of-a-kind “brag books” for your mom, grandma, and soon to be step-mom to show-off to their friends later.

* If there is something you need only for the wedding, consider borrowing from a friend or relative. A family heirloom – like your grandmother’s cake knife or your mother’s cake topper – will not only add sentimental value to your wedding but save you shopping time and money.

* If you plan to provide a special CD for the DJ to use during the reception, clearly label the disc case with the song name and track number. This way there aren’t any slip-ups during your special dance.

Happy planning!


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