A Question of Etiquette

Today, we've decided to tackle something we hear discussed quite a bit on our message board and several others on the internet. It's the age-old question, "Do I have to feed the band or DJ?"
The short answer is this: Not only should you reserve meals for your musicians, but also for your photographer and other vendors as well. In fact, many wedding vendors stipulate in their contracts that meals - and breaks - will be provided. (Just add the vendors into your head count, if you're having a buffet.) Even if it isn't required, it's the right and gracious thing to do. What's more, your vendors are far more likely to do their jobs well if these basic human needs have been met.

Agree? Disagree? Tell us why in our comments section!

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Peridot26 said...

I totally agree with providing a meal for your main vendors. We did for our wedding (Photographers(2), Coordinator & DJ). Our venue even provided a discount for the meals we provided for the vendors. I just think it's the gracious thing to do.

rachel said...

Yes! Your photographers definitely need to eat. It's common that by the time the meal arrives we have already been on our feet working our booties off for 6 or 8 hours! Having a meal allows us to continue providing excellent service.

wedcoord said...

I don't think that it should be required. It is a gracious thing for your client to do, but not necessary. Usually, if it is a buffet, it is presumed that you will eat. Sit down, not so sure. I know that many reception venues have a place for the vendors to have their breaks, etc. But, we are there to work, not eat. I have always been added to the headcount and I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Its very generous thought for those persons who bring your wedding plans to reality.

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