Is Your Hairdo a "Don't" When It Comes to Exercise?

Quick! What's more important? Your health or your hairstyle? It sounds like a ridiculous question, but according to recent news stories it isn't. The secret is out: too many Black women aren't getting the exercise that could keep them fit because of concerns about the effect of sweat on their hair. Those concerns rule out time-savers like early morning workouts or lunchtime exercise classes while our levels of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease continue to skyrocket. Needless to say, those who cherish their hairdos to the detriment of their hearts are going to have to get over it. But in today's St. Petersburg Times fitness lecturer Antonio Williams has a few of tips:

• Walk for 30 minutes, three times a week to be healthy. To lose weight, walk 60 to 90 minutes, five times a week.

• To get the same health benefits with even less sweating, try several daily 10-minute walks or jogs.

• Wear hair extensions or braids.

• Use headwraps during workouts to help preserve styles.

What do you think? Have you given up on exercise because of concerns about your hair? Or are you someone who has found a way to do it all and is "working it"? Tell us about your experience by clicking on comments.


Anonymous said...

I remember the days when my hair was more important but thankfully, those days are long gone. My HEALTH is number one. :-)

Anonymous said...

A ballet bun on a well toned body will always look better than hair fried/died/laid to the side on a person who can't walk more than 3 steps without wheezing. Take back your power ladies! Save the special & high maintenance hair styles for truly special occasions.

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