African-American Books With Wedding Themes

-by Erica

In a recent article on, the writer Caroline Langston discusses three books that, in her mind, crystalize the theme of weddings. It made me ask myself, "What are some of the wedding-themed books by African-American authors?" Thanks to the year or so I spent on, one book immediately sprang to mind. It's Wedding Bell Bluesby fellow ex-WCer Robyn Amos, who I chatted with earlier this week.

The protagonist, Moni Lawrence, runs into some good luck when she gets an unexpected inheritance. She can't wait to bid goodbye to small-town Virginny and say hello to California. But while she's out West, she has a car accident that lands her in a naked man's swimming pool. (You'll just have to read the book to understand.) In order to make amends she has to spend quite a bit of time in the company of her unintended "victim", Grant Forrest. Both characters simultaneously infuriate and ignite passion in the other, but neither is looking for romance and they try to avoid the attraction. So why is Moni suddenly in danger of taking an unintended stroll down the aisle? In Robyn's signature style this novel is humorous, thoughtful and touching.

Brenda Jackson has been one of my favorite writers for years. Her books always introduce interesting characters, meaty plots and a good bit of spice - if you know what I mean . *winkie winkie* Well. In Just Deserts, an unexpected tragedy seemingly ends Danielle Timberlake's dreams of reconciling with her estranged husband and having a baby. The betrayal she uncovers leaves her feeling hurt and full of questions. Enter her brother's best friend, Tristan Adams. He not only offers her support and comfort, but also a chance to have the child she's always wanted as long as they tie the knot to create a stable home. Before they know it, long-denied emotions bubble to the surface sparking a new question: Could this marriage of convenience end up being exactly what they've both been looking for? You'll have to see for yourself.

Rochelle Alers is another fabulous writer of novels that are full of honest emotion. You can almost always find one or two of her books on the bestsellers lists. The wedding industry is the backdrop for Long Time Coming. I like to think it gives a nod to all those hardworking wedding planners out there.

In Long Time Coming
Micah Sanborn agrees to meet his sister at her wedding planner's home. But a blackout leaves Sanborn and wedding planner Tessa Whitfield stranded together in her town house all night long. Sparks fly. The two hit it off and begin a whirlwind affair. But their pasts keep both of them from admitting deeper feelings. It's easy to care about these characters. You find yourself rooting for them and hoping that when they finally give in, it won't be too little too late.

Similar novels by Black authors:

The Marriage Clause by Yvette Hines

No Girl Needs A Husband Seven Days A Week by Nina Foxx

Two Grooms and a Wedding by Adrianne Byrd

The Sweetest Temptation by Rochelle Alers

So tell us-- did we leave out any of your favorite wedding-themed books? If so, let us know by clicking on comments.


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