Baldwin Hills: Season 2

Raise your hand if you were one of the millions of viewers hooked on the first season of BET's Baldwin Hills. If you were wondering what happened to the youngsters after the cameras left, stay tuned. Season 2 of the show will debut next Tuesday, with some new kids on the block. See a short preview below:

Is this really the place the rapper Boss was talking about when she said, "I'm tryna get to Watts, but I'm stuck in Baldwin Hills"? Despite the necessary youth-drama on the show, Baldwin Hills looks like a cool place to put down some roots. Let us know what you think!


Anonymous said...

my name is miss choppa and ive been watching baldwin hills every since it broadcasted. i am a single mother of 3 sons 7,4,and2 and i want to give tee'nee around of applause and if she ever gets to read this (take a bow) babygirl cause i know how it is to be a young mom. so i give itto you on that note. if u ever get a chance email me a picture of your new bundle. thanks for listnen.

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