Butterflies Abound

Butterflies. Of all the wedding themes we've seen over the years, this one is one of the most enduring. It's popular with a certain number of brides year in and year out. In fact, this week the UK is buzzing about the upcoming marriage of soccer star Wayne Rooney and his sweetheart Coleen McLoughlin who are having a butterfly-themed wedding at a former Italian monastery.
If the butterfly theme sends your heart aflutter, there are lots of resources to help you pull it off.

Oriental Trading Company, Inc.

Oriental Trading Company, for example, has lots of decorations that would fall under the butterfly theme. Just go to the main page and enter "butterfly" in the search.
Here are lots of other accessories to help you get the look:
Butterfly Kisses Guest Book

CZ Butterfly Pendant
Carey's CZ Butterfly Pendant

Butterfly Ring

Butterfly Pendant

Silver Butterfly Studs

Butterfly Anklet

Pave Butterfly Necklace
Mimi's Pave CZ Butterfly Necklace

Butterflies in your hair...
Shaniqua's Enamel Butterfly Hair ClipNeveah's Butterfly Hairpin - SmallLibby’s Crystal Butterfly Pins- Silver/White

And a butterfly ring inspired by Mariah Carey:


david santos said...

Very nice posting,
have a nice day

Anonymous said...

This is a really popular themes these days. Butterflies are so whimsical.

Sweet Thing said...

That's a nice sets of sterling silver butterly necklace. I am wondering where can I get one, I already bought a sterling silver rings
to match it.

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