Controversy: Only ONE guest per invite?

With the economy down and food prices up, brides-to-be are doing everything they can to keep reception costs down. Cutting costs at the reception usually means keeping the number of guests down. Afterall, you're really just paying for everyone's dinner (and sometimes drinks). So is it OK to tell your single guests they can't bring a date? I've seen that simple question cause terrible arguments. The New York Times tried to work out this hot button issue last year. What it comes down to is that for the guest, it means having to come to the wedding as a "lone wolf". But for the bride and groom, it means potentially paying to feed strangers.

What do you think? Is it a big deal? Would you go to a wedding where you couldn't bring anyone with you? Click on "comments" to let us know!


Anonymous said...

If I were single and couldn't bring a guest to a wedding, I wouldn't go. I do understand staying within a budget and whatnot, but I rarely go to events like that without my significant other.

To be clear, I wouldn't take offense at all as that is the bride and groom's choice. They are paying, so they call the shots. But it's also my choice not to attend.

Anonymous said...

We are having that issue. People automatically assume that they can bring a guest. I've just told them that our room can only hold a certain number of people.

If they are pushy I tell them that there were people that I care about that I couldn't invite. If I have to pick between someone I know and someone I don't, the stranger isn't going to win.

I’m a big girl and can go to functions on my own.

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