Summer, Summer, Summertime! Part One

What are your summer plans? Though gas prices are out of control, recent AAA Travel Club statistics show that summer travel plans for Americans will only be down 1%. Yes, people will still travel, but their plans will be altered in some ways.

In a survey conducted by AAA, they say some Americans are staying closer to home, and others will cut their vacations shorter by a few nights. Overall, people are planning to spend less on hotels, restaurants, and shopping. The bottom line is the gas prices are not really affecting summer travel plans. But in talking to friends and family, that is not the case for them. They are staying put.

What are your plans for the summer? Are you still traveling? Have you changed plans because of high gas prices? Share your ideas in the comments section about how to beat the heat, have fun, and save money. Stay tuned for Part Two of this article where I will give you some helpful and fun ideas to help you plan for the summer. Stay Tuned!

Adaya is a college professor who enjoys reading, cooking and most of all, traveling. You can check out her travel blog at


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