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The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project is popping up left and right in today's latest wedding trends. It's a resourceful endeavor many brides take on in order to have their weddings be more in line with their unique vision while saving money. Plus in the end, that great feeling you get when you've successfully completed something on your own is all the more rewarding.

To be a DIY Bride all you need to have is a little creativity, great resources and a LOT of time as well as patience.

How to Customize Your Wedding:

1. Consider which tasks you can do yourself without going crazy. This is where you really get to learn more about yourself and how creative you can be. So, if you have never sewn a day in your life, then creating your own wedding gown may not be right for you.

2. Layout a timeline for completing each task. Be mindful that you'll still be working, going to school or be doing other wedding related activity so having a schedule is very important. It will help keep you organized.

3. Visit your neighborhood craft stores, search online, or rummage through your attic/basement to find the items that can be used towards your personal project.

4. Do the Work! (This is where the patience comes in.) Be ready to do a couple of test runs by having a few extras on hand. Also, you may need to enlist the help of your family members or attendants to get the job done so be extra nice to them from day ONE!

5. Think of how your DIY project can be used in your home after the wedding. DIY projects serve as a great wedding keepsake because it's something you did yourself that will always remind you of your precious wedding day. For example, one bride used the ring pillow she created as a throw pillow that is now apart of her bedding/bedroom decor.

Here's a List of Some Items You May Want to DIY:

*Bouquet Arrangements
*Bridesmaid Jewelry
*Flower Girl's Basket and Hair Accessories
*Personalized Aisle Runner
*Ring Bearer Pillow
*Wedding Favors
*Wedding Invitations and other Stationary Items

Customizing your wedding can be easily done but can also be stressful if not approached with these few steps in mind. If all else fails, find the vendors who have exactly what you're looking and use them! That's where I come in... As a graphic designer, I've seen my services used mostly in DIY projects (like wedding programs) that can be printed at home by brides who still want the professional quality without the professional price.

And as a fellow bride-to-be, I know how precious a DIY project can become, so go ahead ladies and customize your wedding!

DNT of DNT Dynamite Design specializes in high quality designs perfect for any DIY wedding project including monograms, programs and invitations.

Are you a DIY bride? Or have you done any of your wedding projects from scratch? Tell us more about it in our comments section!


Anonymous said...

Great post.....I was a DIY bride and it was the best decision I made. I had so many ideas in my head but I wasn't seeing anything I could buy that went along with those ideas. I jumped out on a limb and learned that I'm a little craftier than I thought. For my wedding I made:

Card Box
BM/FG tote bags
Ring Box
Cake Table letters
Programs (doubled as CD favor)
Candy favors

I will say, as a DIY bride you can become a little overprotective of your projects.....try not to and get some help from people you trust to see your vision through.

All in all, have FUN!!

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