When things fall apart

-by Erica

Those of us who are enthusiastic about weddings and marriage may not like to hear about the other side of the coin. But there are lessons to be learned in every situation. Four years ago talk show host Star Jones married Al Reynolds in a huge affair, much of it paid for by corporate sponsorship. By now, you've probably heard that Jones is now seeking a divorce. Of course, there's a lot of speculation about what may have happened to lead to the break-up. But neither side is giving very many details. Reynolds publicist issued a statement saying he was "taking the high road". However, that isn't stopping Reynolds from venting on his Myspace page. Click here for the latest on that.

What do you think? Is this any way to handle an impending divorce? Can anything be learned from this situation or is this one of those things that is the result of too much "celebrity"?


Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Star Jones and not at all surprised by this divorce. To be fair though, I'm never really surprised by divorce. Marriage is HARD! Far more difficult than anyone thinks, until they're actually in it.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about marriage being hard. The word hard is an understatement.

I'm not surprised either by Star's divorce. There are just too many things to name that weren't right from the start. I'm sure with any failure in life, there is a lot to be learned not only on Star and Al's part, but for the prying eyes of the public.

Anonymous said...

I think one thing to take from all this is that a Marriage is what happens AFTER the WEDDING DAY...when everyone goes home....the honeymoon is over and you're home alone.....

It doesn't matter if you spent $500, $5,000 or $50,000 on your wedding....at the end of the day it is about the MARRIAGE. You can have the glitz and glamour for your friends and try to impress people if you want, but if you're divorced within 5 years......was any of it really worth it?

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