Hanging Chandeliers: Wedding Trend Alert

Not too long ago, chandelier earrings were often considered a bit much for a bride to pull off. But today, "a bit much" is just right. Right now chandelier earrings are a great way to add a little drama to your wedding day ensemble. The right ones will add pizazz without overpowering your look.

Erica Koesler
Erica Koesler Earrings J-9180

Erica Koesler Earrings J-9147

Erica Koesler Earrings J-9148

Cristal D'Or
Cristal D'Or Earrings 5895

Cinderella Collection
Cinderella Collection Earrings 7713

European Imports
European Imports Earrings 1202

Full Line

Full Line Collection Earrings LE2946

Full Line Collection Earrings KE0200

Full Line Collection Earrings YE41


MISS M.A.C. said...

THE CINDERELLA COLLECTION EARRINGS ARE ABSOLUTLY STUNNING!im new to blogspot, and came across your page.I'd really like to see you visit my page and leave feedback. Any questions or concerns are appreciated. Also, there is a link that was recently added to my page that you can click on to join my new group on google. You can discuss various makeup techniques or questions and concerns. You can even start your own discussion topic. I hope to hear from you soon. ThankYou for the support.

Peridot26 said...

Those earrings are beautiful. I think if paired with a simple hairstyle they would look stunning!

MISS M.A.C. said...

You are apsolutely right the hairstyle would have to be simple...the earrings would definitely pop more and become the center of attention. ThankYou for your reply!

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