How Long is Too Long to Be Engaged?

A Married Guy's P.O.V.
-by guest blogger, Lamar Tyler

This question comes up from time to time and is only second to the infamous, "how long is too long to date?" I'm talking about how long is too long to be engaged? I have a friend that caps it off at one year and you know what? I’m with him on that. Kinda sorta…. Roughly a year is enough time but before I start reading the comments about I was in school when we got engaged and I wanted to wait and etc. etc. etc. there are exceptions to the rule but in general a solid year is enough time or in that ballpark. If not maybe your man just caved in to the pressure of marriage talk. I saw someone comment on my blog before that “it ain’t an engagement until you have both a ring and a date”. How about that? I thought that statement was the truth.

I was talking to a coworker that said she knows a couple that has been together for seven years then they got engaged but the weddings not planned for another four years or something like that? Sounds suspect to me. If you’re getting engaged you should be able to come up with a date in the foreseeable future. I saw another comment that said if the engagement is lingering on forever then that person is trying to figure out if they really want to be with you and guess what, that should have been done before the two of you got engaged. Do you agree?

What do you say on this one? Is a year too long, not enough or just right? In general terms how long is too long to be engaged and lets hear some of those stories you've lived or heard about.

-Lamar Tyler runs a blog with his wife called BlackandMarriedWithKids. com where they talk about relationships, parenting, product reviews, and current events.


Peridot26 said...

I would say that 1 year is plenty of time to be engaged. I don't think engagement should be used as a time to try to "figure out" if you want to marry the person or get other things in order "before" you marry. If marriage is proposed both parties should be ready to marry in the near future and ready on all fronts to do so....or else they should continue dating!

Anonymous said...

@Peridot26 - I agree. That should be the last step. When you get engaged you should be planning for a date also IMO

Lglegl said...

Truth is in that statement that it isn't an engagement until the ring and a date!!!!

If you are ready to be engaged you are ready to set a date and if you are 1 year post is about time to sit down and think hmmmm what is this going on exactly!!!

Anonymous said...

I went ahead and asked him- On national t.v. no less...

denisse | Lotus Eyes Photography said...

omg I freaked out. That looks just like my mom!

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