Yikes! Choreographed Wedding Dances

Just a few years ago, many couples did what they could to keep their first dances from looking too pre-arranged - even ones who took dance classes specifically for the big day. But today some brides and grooms are going in a different direction entirely with over-the-top, entirely choreographed, full-on (dare we say?) dance numbers. The trend seems to be to start off normally with a slow song, and then BAM!

Old School Surprise

The Afrika Bambataa/Zulu Nation Surprise (30-and-over say "HOOOOOOOO!")

No-They-Didn't Surprise

Hip Hop Surprise

If this trend catches on, watching a couple's first dance might be a lot like watching Dancing with the Stars. But at least it's guaranteed to be funny, right? So what do you think? Are first dances undergoing a "dance dance revolution"? Or is this just a fad?


Peridot26 said...

Although I do think this is a fad, it does present some fun and laughter for guests. I think as long as the music stays appropriate for ALL wedding guests it can be fun. I even have a co-worker who did this. There was a reality show called "Rock the Reception" about this very thing.

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