Solo Dieting in a Full House

Making a strong lifestyle change can always pose a challenge. But I've found that it's ten times more difficult when you're living with other people who aren't on the same page. Nothing is harder than staying on a healthy plan when there are cookies and chips floating around the house. Beyond that, making separate meals for dinnertime is a hassle that has bombed even the best intentions- especially when you're the one who normally does the cooking. But there IS a way to at least manage mealtimes so that every dinner isn't an assault on your diet. What has been working fairly well for me recently is making 3 or 4 dishes. For example, our pizza night normally falls on a Friday.

We either order a pizza or cook our own, but I prepare a salad and a fruit cocktail to go with it. So, instead of getting caught up and eating way too much pizza, I have my salad and maybe one slice of veggie pizza, then finish it off with a serving of fruit. It's just one example, but this is what I do when the main meal (for everyone else) isn't the most diet-friendly. It's super easy because I'm only making the easiest dishes that require only a little chopping or tossing. Hope this helps those of you who are following our progress in State Farm's 50 Million Pound challenge.


mr. nichols said...

Clearly I'm not a bride, but I definitely wanted to come through and give the blog some love. I just got married in May and my wife and I have been documenting our first 100 days. The blog looks good. Keep doing your thing. Peace.

Carma Sez said...

You know it!! It's the getting everybody on the same page that's the hard part. For me, it's out of sight out of mind; others happen to have more control :D but I'd rather not bring the junk food into the house in the first place! (well, exception being the cheeseballs :D

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