Are You Gaining Weight & Stressed Out?

We're continuing to follow healthy eating habits as part of State Farm's 50 Million Pound Challenge. But a pitfall I went through just a few days ago served as a really good reminder about something I'd forgotten. So today's let's talk about the hidden-enemy that often affects busy women, including brides-to-be: stress induced weight gain. This is a biggie for me. While we usually concentrate on numbers and calculations when focusing on weight loss, I'm also learning that mental health has a direct affect on physical health. Earlier this week, I'd made a decision to buckle down and get some outstanding tasks done. But I ended up getting stressed and before long, I had strayed away from the program. So what happened here?

Yes, stress can sabotage your health program. Stress often triggers women to overeat- and to eat the wrong things. Think about the times you've gobbled up some greasy or crunchy snacks after a trying day. In fact, USA Today recently published a study of more than 1,000 Americans showing that both men and women pack on pounds because of the work-related stress, financial difficulties and family-related issues.

So what's the solution? Take care of yourself, get your rest, and as much as possible avoid situations that you know will stress you out. If you can't escape the stress, be prepared by stashing healthy foods and snacks nearby. When time is short, it's always easier to grab whatever is closest. Hang in there. Also, if you're motivated to join the challenge with us, click below.


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