2009 Wedding Fashion and Style Trends

-by Erica

Smaller Weddings

A funny thing happened on the way to the altar: The economy veered into the ditch. But we rediscovered something very important. Necessity really is the mother of invention. Some of the most memorable weddings we've seen in the last year have been relatively small or medium-sized affairs. Can you do it, too? Yes, you can.

Simple Dress with Ornate Veil

As we showed you a few weeks ago, the veil is no longer an afterthought in a bride's ensemble. These days, the veil may very well be the centerpiece. One of the newest trends has women buying simple or "destination" style dresses, then pairing it with an ornate veil. Designers are responding by creating pieces with lots of embroidery, beading, and gorgeous netting.

Hair Fascinators & Headpieces

Courtesy of WToo Brides

Have you ever noticed how one trend seems to instantly give birth to its opposite?
While some ladies are going all out for a veil, others are opting out. Instead they're choosing dazzling hair fascinators and headpieces. These options are often as intricate as veils anyway because of feathers, pearls, fabric flowers, or just the hint of a birdcage veil.


This one comes from our resident wedding planner Lisa Nelson who says, "Couples are shying away from the traditional and opting for something more documentary in style. They are also moving away from the “picture in the frame” style Art Leather album to a modern Magazine type layout."

Ultra Personalization

"Bamboo" from Wedding Paper Divas

Just a few years ago, it was en vogue to showcase your nationality or background. But now, brides-to-be are cutting out the middle man and going strictly with what they themselves like- no holds barred, no consultations with Miss Manners- from the invitations to the newlywed send-off, even if they have to design their accessories themselves. For some women cookie-cutter just doesn't cut it anymore, especially with the trend toward DIY.

Vintage Fashions

Perhaps it's just "the times" or a yearning for quality items out of the ordinary. For whatever reason, vintage styles are as hot as if they'd just come out yesterday. Chintzy, homey, quaint. Whatever you call it, it's a definitely creative way to bring back what has already worked in the past. This is showing up in everything from gowns to caketoppers to the groom's wardrobe.

Colored Shoes

Statistically speaking, most brides-to-be still choose white as the color of their bridal shoes. But in 2009, you'll see that more and more are taking the opportunity to add a pop of color on their feet. Some of the most popular photographs on wedding blogs are candid shots of brides who have a flash of hot pink, green or blue peaking from under their gowns.

Short Hair and Medium Length Hair

Malonda Richards courtesy of Essence Magazine
OK, we saw this one coming. Things had to change. There was just too much pressure on women with neat hairstyles to grow their hair long enough for an updo before the wedding. And why not look like yourself on your wedding day? Now we're getting lots of photos of brides wearing sassy short or medium length styles. And you know what? They look absolutely fabulous.

Did we leave anything out? Set us straight! Tell us about the trends you've been seeing!


Globetrottingbride said...

What a great post! I have to agree with everything.

African-American Brides said...

So glad you enjoyed it! We love putting these kinds of posts together then going back later to see how we did...lol. Fun, fun, fun. Thanks for dropping in, lady!

Anonymous said...

Say, where is the golden dress from? I think it's beautiful. Did I miss the phot credits somewhere???

African-American Brides said...

That dress is by Maggie Sottero. I believe it's called Artia.

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