Does "Simple" Mean Inexpensive? Not Necessarily!

- by Lisa R. Nelson
Simple and Minimalist does not equal inexpensive

Martha Stewart has featured many beautiful weddings in the last 6 years. There was one, that was featured 4-5 years ago that stands out n my mind. It was uncomplicated and easy. It took place in a small room, around a long rectangular table. There were only about 10-15 guests. Everything was draped in white. The flowers were simple but beautiful - oranges, yellows and browns. They had a few large wispy arrangements and then smaller arrangements placed elegantly down the center of the table with candles surround. The chairs were covered with white chair covers - which looked to be custom (I didn’t say the wedding was inexpensive). On the back of only the Bride and Groom chairs was an embroidered monogram. The design was effortless and minimalist. It was absolutely brilliant. This wedding was of the most beautiful weddings I have seen featured in a magazine.

When looking at competitors websites, I came across one that said “simple is boring”. Hhmmmm? I don’t agree - or maybe I am too protective of my style and way of life. One of the biggest trends this year is simplicity of design and style. As both men and women are marrying older, they are looking for a more mature look and style that reflects their maturity in life. Couples are looking for something different - different color combinations and textures, but are looking to simplify. Simple A-line dresses are definitely in. Brides are looking for shed the excess fabric so that their true beauty and sophistication shine through. The make -up is getting much lighter (just to enhance the natural beauty that exists) and the veils much more simple – Cage veils exude class.

Many of the brides who contact me mistakenly say that they want something simple. What they really mean is they want to save money. Simple and inexpensive are not synonymous. Simple is timeless. Have you ever looked at your parents wedding pictures? You can tell the wedding happened n the 70’s or 80’s, because of the feathered hair, the big sleeves and the style of dresses. Simplicity lacks trends. When you take a look at a wedding, it could have taken place at any place or time. This is one of the reasons I love this style.


bridechic said...

Great article. Especially the last paragraph: Simple is not always synonomous with saving bucks.

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