What to Pack For Your Wedding Night

Now that warmer temperatures are here, let's heat things up by talking about your wedding night. Why? Let's face it, ladies. Planning your wedding can become all-consuming. However, in all of your last minute preparations, it's important to think ahead to what this was all ultimately leading to: the wedding night- the first night of the rest of your life.

Did you know that 52% of couples don't even have sex on their wedding night? Fifty two precent! It's not surprising, because you are going to be exhausted and hungry afterwards, but that doesn't mean you have to be a statistic; you can be a solution. On your wedding night it'll finally just be the two of you and you'll be married so make the most of it!

What you put in your overnight bag is crucial, so the first step is to pack in advance. Don't leave your overnight bag up to chance when you're running around at the last minute. Pack it when you pack up your honeymoon luggage and put some thought into it. Now I know your head is a mish-mash of chair covers, rose petals and playlist suggestions right now, so I've come up with your wedding night packing guide to help you out.

You will have packed all your major items like your hair products, make up and deodorant in your honeymoon luggage, but you're going to need those items for the morning after, too. Pack travel sized versions of all of these items in your overnight bag, that way you can just leave in the bag when you go. It will help keep you organized in the morning and still looking post-wedding fab.

You are likely to have candles in your room if you got the Honeymoon suite or you have amazing friends. However, you should bring some along if you didn't or your friends don't have access to the room. It's your wedding night, so don't be afraid to bring on the romance. Don't just leave it to chance!

You'll definitely want to throw in some of the lingerie you received at your bachelorette party. Didn't get any? Take the time to stop by your nearest lingerie store like Adam & Eve and pick up something simple, yet sexy. You're not going to want to be in something uncomfortable after wearing your dress all day. Find something that will let your husband that he really did make the right decision.

Toys and fun--
After a long day of talking, dancing and drinking, the two of you might need a little help in the arousal area. Be sure to pack along a bottle of lube to help things get moving. Keep in mind though that you should either pack this separately or at least in it's own plastic bag, so that it doesn't explode on your lingerie. You can also get your marriage off on a kinky start by bringing some fun toys or even some fuzzy handcuffs and blindfold. And you may find that you're both sore from your shoes and standing all day, so consider throwing in some massage oil to help the two of you relax.

You just spent months planning your wedding. If you're not ready to spend the next nine months carrying a child make sure to pack whatever kind of contraception the two of you use. Don't be afraid to throw in some back up as well. You never know!

You'll also want to pack some snacks. Think ahead and get some of you and his favorite snacks. You're going to be hungry afterwards and may not want to wait for room service to show up, so bring something that two of you can enjoy. Plus your favorite snack will be comforting at the end of a crazy day.

Do you think I missed anything on the list?


The Function Room Weddings said...

LOL@toys and fun! I always make sure to pack my facial creams, I want to look my best on my wedding day and beyond :) Wouldn't want my skin to look parched during the wedding reception.

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot for the beautiful tips. definitely I am going to try to implement this tips for my wedding nitetouch liquor

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