African-American Brides' Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2013

Every bride-to-be wants to feel that her engagement right is as unique as her own style. So, each year brings new ideas for engagements rings. But you know what they say, "There's really nothing new under the sun." And that is certainly true for something as traditional as an engagement ring. Even the most non-traditional ones are, by definition, part of tradition. But that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the latest trends, as long as they represent YOU. So if you stumble across something that resonates with you, go for it! That said, here are our top engagement ring trends of 2013. Let us know what you think!

Custom engagement rings. When you're truly looking for something outside-the-box or deeply sentimental you may want to look into jewelers who specialize in custom engagement rings, such as Bookman & Son who created this quartz and diamond stunner.

Ring from Bookman & Son

The East-West Ring

Ring from Bario Neal

Vintage style

From Tumblr

Floral details

From Tumblr

Colored Stones - Whether champagne diamonds, blue sapphires, topaz, and others!

From Tumblr

Conflict-free/Blood free diamonds

From Ken & Dana Design

OK, what do you think? Did we leave anything out??? If so, let us know!


designs by: M.S. Davis said...

Gorgeous rings!!!!

The Function Room Weddings said...

Those rings are fabulous! Mine is a vintage-inspired design since my fiancee knows how much I'm into ornate jewerly :) Can't wait for the bid day, it's gonna be 1920s Great Gatsby inspired theme from the ceremony to the wedding reception!

all in a soiree said...

Lovely rings

KimRob said...

I love the new vintage trend of engagement rings, they have so much character!

PlumPrettySugar said...

Adore! Thank you for sharing these!

Alicebridal said...

These rings are luxurious and gorgeous! Love them.

La Jolla Wedding said...

These rings are stunning!

Plum Pretty Sugar said...

Oh my goodness! So gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Rings collection are fabulous. Atleast i can show my fiance this article to increase the beauty of my hand. Espicialy vintage style ring i luvd most. Thanx a lottouch liquor

Joanne Duong - Bravo Bride said...

Vintage rings are beautiful. You can find so many gorgeous rings at antique shops!

Cheap Wedding Dresses said...


San Diego Beach Wedding said...

Gorgeous Rings!

denisse Lotus Eyes Photography said...

omg soo sweet! love the ring!

Alicia Stone said...

I like the vintage style. It's more adorable.
Two Wed Wedding

Sara Leeds said...

Vintage rings have so much history and character about them. Imagine proposing to your girlfriend with a ring that has been with the women of your family for a long time. Or it's a vintage store steal and finding about eventually that it's worth more than you bought it for. I think the ring is the most sentimental kind of jewelry.

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