Mike Tyson Weds: Third Time The Charm?

Boxer Mike Tyson is a married man, for the third time. He exchanged vows with Lakiha Spicer over the weekend in a small ceremony at the La Bella Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. The chapel owner says the couple seemed very much in love. He told the Associated Press "They just wanted to say the vows and be married. It was very sincere."
We wish the former heavyweight champ the best. Tyson's new marriage follows the heartbreaking loss of his 4 year old daughter in a terrible treadmill accident two weeks ago.
Previously, Tyson was married to actress Robin Givens in 1988 and Monica Turner in 1997.
(Photo courtesy of ABACA)


Unknown said...

Oh, I didn't hear about this! Congrats Mike. Glad he found some happiness despite the recent tragedy in his family.

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