Wording Your Invitations: How to Get It Right

- by Lisa
I believe in wording invitations properly, especially when the bride and groom rightfully want to honor the people supporting them. Since we've been talking about invitations this week, I wanted to share a simple guide with you. This guide addresses some of the more common situations that couples face when it comes to invitations by looking at the invitation line-by-line and suggesting options.

The "Host" Line

Bride’s parents hosting:
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nelson

Brides and Grooms parents hosting:
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Tasby

Bride’s parents hosting, but want to also honor
Groom’s parents:
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nelson request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter
Ms. Lisa Renee
Mr. Bryant Christopher Nelson
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nelson

Divorced parents:
Mrs. Lisa Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nelson

Couple hosting:
Lisa Williams
Brian Nelson

Couple hosting with families:
Together with their families
Lisa Williams
Brian Nelson

The "Request" Line

Married in a church: request the honour of your presence
Married outside the church: request the pleasure of your company
Informal – parents hosting: Would be delighted by your presence
Formal – couple hosting: Invite you to join them in celebrating their wedding

Date and Time Lines
Sunday the twenty-second of June
two thousand and two
at half after two o’clock in the afternoon

Sunday, June 22, 2002
at 2:30 PM

Location Line
Ceremony held at a church or synagogue:
Helen Hills Hills Chapel
Northampton, Massachusetts

Ceremony held at another location:
The Tea Room
The Brandt House
Greenfield, Massachusetts

Reception Line
Reception and ceremony at same location:
and afterward at the reception

Ceremony and reception at different places:
Reception immediately following the ceremony
The Log Cabin

Registry information never goes on, or with, and invitation. I suggest to our clients that save the dates include a wedding website address, which could contain registry info. Otherwise, registry information should be passed by word of mouth.
Each couple is individual and has individual situations. If you need suggestions for alternative wording, or you have a complicated situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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