The Obamas: In Living Color

We challenge you to walk past any newstand this week without noticing all the magazine covers featuring Barack and Michelle Obama. Here are some of the picures of the candidate and his wife that have caught our eyes:

Earlier this season, Obama on Time

Ebony has the candidate himself on the cover in August...

...and Mrs. Obama on the cover for September.

Not to be outdone, Essence is publishing a cover with the entire family.

Gotta love it.

Then- Tyra Banks portrays Michelle Obama in Harper's Bazaar. Hmmmmm....? Not sure how we feel about this.


Anonymous said...

I am still on the fence about Tyra doing this photo shoot. One minute I like it, the next minute I am complaining how Tyra's larger than life personality is up in the middle of something. However I do think it is cool that Harper's Bazaar think Michelle is buzz worthy enough to pay homage to her in a photo spread.

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