Bouquet-Tossing Tactics: Who Knew?

Yet another thing I'm finding out AFTER my wedding. Who knew there were "variations" of bouquet-tossing??? A funny article posted over at Wedding Channel lays out the details. Here are our favorite bits:

The Direct Pass: If you want to avoid the ritual of the single gal roundup, but still want to give the bouquet to someone special, consider pulling that person aside to present it to her. You can make a short speech about why you have chosen to give your bouquet to this person.

The Fake-Out: The fake-out is a close cousin to the direct pass. In this play, you only pretend that everyone has a fair chance at catching the bouquet, but you discreetly position yourself so that your body is turned ever so slightly in the direction of your wide receiver (a.k.a., the woman you want to catch the bouquet). This play is not for weak of heart or those who can't stand the accusations of "toss tampering" that are sure to follow.

The Jack And Jill Toss: Another way to avoid shining a spotlight on all your single female friends, consider asking all the single men and women to participate in the tossing of the bridal bouquet.

Other Variations: If the number of single guests at your wedding will be limited, why not honor the married couples that are present? You can have the DJ or bandleader have the couples that have been married five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and so on, years stand up. The couple that has been married the longest is then presented with the bouquet.

What do you think? Would any of these things actually work? Are you doing anything differently with the bouquet toss or not doing one at all?


Anonymous said...

Jack & Jill toss....ewww, no! I think planning the bouquet toss is tacky. Plus alot of your single friends may be looking forward to catching the bouquet and hopefully a single groomsman! Leave it up to chance.

Bsquared86 said...

I still like the good ole fashioned toss BUT, i do enjoy it when the bride pretends to toss it as a tease, that way i can measure up my competition! lol. The direct pass and the fake out take some of the fun out of it, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

At my wedding I had my florist make four small bouquets and bind them together loosely to look like one.

When it came time to do the toss I presented one small bouquet to my grandmothers (one of whom had died four days before the wedding so I gave it to my father), my MIL and my mother.

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