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Here are the stories we want to make sure you don't miss in your e-travels this weekend!

Are you a stepparent or a stepparent-to-be? Check out The Blended Family series over on

If you love vintage style, be sure to take a look at some gorgeous vintage hairstyles on B.Vikki Vintage.

Also, let Diasporique introduce you to the best movie about black love that you've never seen.

Yvonne & Yvette want to make sure you don't give your guests the wedding bell blues with a half baked invitation.

At, this oldie-but-goodie explains why you might not want to skip the seating chart.

"Success is nothing without someone to share it with." It's not telling your age if you remember that line - Mahogany is a classic film! Old Fashion Love Story takes a look back at the stylish images from Mahogany and star Diana Ross.

Sick of all the negative media chatter about black women and marriage? I Do Black Love has uplifting talk about black love.

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