Would You Have an iPod Reception?

Just for the sake of argument, could you conceivably use your little ole iPod as a stand-in DJ??? Just hand it over to a friend who knows when to "hit it"? Guess what? You could.

While some couples pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for reception entertainment, others are loading their iPods (or digital Walkmans or other MP3 players) with their favorite songs, patching it into a stereo sound system and letting it rip.

Of course, as with all things DIY, the key to pulling this off is organization. If this is something you might want to do, be sure to have clearly programmed playlists for each section of the reception. Also, be sure that you have the attachments you need to make your iPod work with the sound system and make sure you have enough speakers. That's it!

Do you know anyone who has done their own reception music? Whether with an iPod or mix CDs? Tell us what you think!


Downbeat said...

I had friends who did this for a wedding in July and it was by far the most thoughtful and entertaining mix of music I've heard at a wedding all year.

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