Wedding Budget Tips: From The Groom's POV

-by Guest Blogger Mark Walerstein,
Founder of GroomsOnline

I remember the days when every weekend so many couples were getting married. It was very hard to find place and vendors to perform the receptions. Couples then started to have their wedding in some of the off months. Now with the economy very slow and many business in need of work, you can rest assure you can find something to meet your wedding budgets. Below are 5 awesome tips for you to save big on your reception and have it look spectacular. You can also use the wedding budget calculator at to give you a great idea of what you can expect on spending and also keep track of what you are spending.

1. Choosing the off-season. Choosing the date of your wedding can determine the price you may pay. If you’re looking to save money choosing the right month will be crucial. Spring and summer are very popular seasons to have your wedding. You might want to choose months like October thru early November. Late November can be busy with company holiday parties.

2. Weekdays will Save you Lot$. Choosing a week day for your reception will give you more room to negotiate the price. Monday thru Thursday most vendors are not that busy with receptions or parties which will give you leverage when working out a price.

3. Location, Location, Location. Choosing the place to hold you reception will make a big difference. The more popular the location, the more likely they will be booked and the costs will be higher due to the demand. This may take some time but there are many places that have beautiful scenery and cost much less. I got married at a home that was converted into a reception site for wedding. Although it was out of the way, it was situated on a hill over looking the owners avocado farm with beautiful vistas and saved me lot of money. Your church or temple is a great way to save as well as you community center.

4. Negotiate Your Prices. Everything has a price and nothing is set in stone these days with the economy acting they way it is. If you don’t ask for a lower price you may never know if you can get one. So negotiate prices with every one of your vendors, especially if you are following tips one two and three. I will say that negotiating is good, remember also you get what you pay for so don’t try to low ball to much, that may offend you potential vendor.

5. Utilize Friends and Family. We have some very crafty friends and family that have made favors, decorations and table center pieces for many parties. All the guests seem to love them and we get praise from some vendors too. Some of your friends might have a very cool car that you may want to use instead of limo, so put those friends and family to work and you will save a lot more than you think.

Mark Walerstein is the founder of GroomsOnline. With over 20 years experience in the wedding industry starting as a DJ/MC, he has worked on thousands of weddings including some well known celebrities. Mark also helped with 100% of the planning for his wedding that over 300 people attended.


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