Wedding Bouquets: From Real to Fake?

It may take some time to fix the U.S. economy and the current downturn is causing some brides-to-be to make changes in their plans. One change we're hearing a lot about is in flowers. When some ladies hear about the price difference between real and silk flowers, silks start sound a lot better than they did a few years ago. In fact, while some florists are ringing their hands over cheaper orders, businesses like report that they are looking forward to a good Spring 2009 wedding season.

The newest silk creations are designed with such detail that they can completely fool the eye. Then they're sprayed with a coordinating scent.

We don't know if silk bouquets are for every bride- maybe they are!- but they present a very interesting possibility. If you decide to go with silk flowers, you can reap some pretty nice benefits as long as you choose a quality product.

* Silk flowers are less expensive than real ones. On top of that, the price of a faux bouquet doesn't fluctuate with the seasons.
* Silk wedding bouquets can arranged long before your nuptials and can be kept forever after.
* They're allergy free and less likely to droop or fall apart.

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Anonymous said...

I chose fake flowers for my wedding. (Couldn't even afford silk.) They looked just as beautiful and have made a lovely decoration in my home to this day.

Dana said...

I was going to have real for my flowers and fake for everything else. Since money is growing tighter, select fake ones for my bouquet. We will see if I keep if fake or not.

Anonymous said...

I'll have real for me and my girls, but fake for centerpieces and decorations. I've seen prices thaat florists charge, and it's knocking me out! LOL

African-American Brides said...

Sounds to me like you all are on the ball. I always tell people there is no reason to go broke planning a wedding. So glad you ladies are finding ways to make it work! :)


Unknown said...

I chose fake flowers for my wedding also, not sure if they were silk but I thought they looked just as good as the real ones. It was very cost effective and I have no regrets

Anonymous said...

I put together what I thought would be a sample of my real flowers for my bouquet.I absolutely loved it so, I will have fake flowers for all. I feel like the practical thing to do is have flowers that can last for a lifetime if I want them to. I never thought about spraying them to smell like the real thing what a great idea.

Quiana aka Haute Chocolate aka Mrs. B said...

In this case fake is the way to go baby ! lol. When my husband and I got engaged two years ago, we were dead set on not breaking the bank so I searched for alternatives for pretty much everything.. including my flowers. I chose fake flowers, actually wooden flowers and made everything from the bouquet to the centerpeices. It went so well I had people approach me about doing their wedding too, and a year and a half later I'm running my own business and my bouquet still loks as pretty as it did on the day I got married! -Quiana

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with fake flowers! We found a lovely place on and they weren't even silk, just beautiful, and everyone complimented them. AND they didnt die!

Anonymous said...

My wedding in in NINE DAYS!
I chose a blend of silks and fresh. My bouquet is fresh. As are the corsages for the mothers and grandmothers and bouts for the guys.

My bridsemaids, hostesses haev silk flowers.

The centerpieces will use both silk and fresh flowers.

catering mequon said...

Wow that really is a big change in cost! I will have to look into this when I start getting all of my wedding plans together. I know what catering services I want but just havent been sure on what I want to do for flowers

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