This Season's Groom & Groomsmen Trends

by Melissa Phillips of Simply Perfect by Melissa

Men are becoming more involved in the wedding process, from choosing color themes to heading to the salon, and this season grooms and their entourage are taking advantage of their new found enjoyment of everything leading up to their big day. Here is a sneak peek on what we’ll be seeing from the guys:

Color Coordination: Men are opting out of the solid colored tie that matches the color theme of the wedding and choosing a more blended color look. Patterned ties like Polka dot and paisley are making their way to the altar and helping blend all the colors in the theme.

Planned Morning Outings: Women aren’t the only ones heading to the salon morning of the big day anymore. The Groom party trend is morning outings to get any number of salon/barbershop treatments such as shaves, mani/pedi treatments and even massages.

Suits: Groomsmen are being given choices now in what they wear to the wedding. Many are wearing a nice black suit versus renting a tux. Groom’s parties are going from uniform to coordinated, where each man will wear his own style of the same concept. .

Classic Tux: For the Groom himself, classic tuxes are back. Bow ties, the timeless 007 look and black, silver and gold are all making a comeback. The tuxes are less matching and more complimentary in colors with the wedding theme.

Bold Boutonnières
: Boutonni√®res with personality are a hot trend this season. Each male in the bridal party is being given the opportunity to choose his own unique flower rather than sticking to the same ol’ flowers that everyone uses.

In 2012, forget about the wedding being only the bride’s big day and make room for some very involved grooms! It’s the man’s chance to turn some heads, and he’s taking it!

Wedding Cake Trends: Sweet Petite

Yet another trend that makes perfect sense to us - miniature wedding cakes. Economical and practical, these little creations are being used in addition to traditional cakes. Are they almost too cute to eat? Yep!

Kim & Ashlee's Cakes and Cookies

The Caketress



If you decide to go with the idea of having miniature wedding cakes with a centerpiece cake, be sure to personalize the larger cake with one of these adorable wedding cake toppers, which are available at

Yellow Rose Bridal Collection

We know that our readers are always on the lookout for one-of-a-kind accessories. So we want to make sure to tell you about a new handmade bridal collection from hat designer Sharon Harkness-Dobler at her shop Yellow Rose. She's based in Germany but ships worldwide. Take a look at some of her creations:

If you have something a little different in mind, Yellow Rose also offers custom design services.

Chicago Couture Bridal Event

How's this for inspiration? Allen/Williams Events recently held its Chicago Couture Luxury event featuring African-American bridal gown designers Atha Sharod Bridal and Bryan K. Osburn (who we told you about a while back). The show highlighted some truly glamorous looks for brides. Take a look!

See more pics on Allen/Williams' Facebook page.
Photography by Rick Aguilar Studios

Happy Anniversary to the First Couple!

Happy Anniversary to the President and the First Lady. Today marks 19 years of marriage for Michelle and Barack Obama. May they enjoy many more. Do you consider the Obamas an inspiration in your life?

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