Wedding Cake Trends: Sweet Petite

Yet another trend that makes perfect sense to us - miniature wedding cakes. Economical and practical, these little creations are being used in addition to traditional cakes. Are they almost too cute to eat? Yep!

Kim & Ashlee's Cakes and Cookies

The Caketress



If you decide to go with the idea of having miniature wedding cakes with a centerpiece cake, be sure to personalize the larger cake with one of these adorable wedding cake toppers, which are available at


Anna Jameson said...
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Kristina - CT Wedding DJ Prices said...

Wow! Unique wedding cakes. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

Kristina - Connecticut Wedding Photography Images said...

Such a beautiful and elegant wedding cakes. The styles and designs are really awesome. Thumbs up for sharing this to us.

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