A Wedception: Your Dream in Green?

- by Carol King,
Guest blogger & wedding planner

This whole green thing started for me when I saw a polar bear drown on a television special. Watching those bears struggling to find places to perch, hunt and eat was an eye opener for me – a wedding planner. Determined to be a part of the solution, I asked all of my clients of they would consider having a green themed wedding. One couple said yes. I introduce to you Bridget Woods and Les Beckford.

On Friday August 6, 2010, Bridget and Les will marry at the beautiful Callanwolde Fine Arts Center (seen top left). Callanwolde is a majestic 27,000 Gothic- Tudor- style mansion discreetly situated off Briarcliff Road in Atlanta GA. When I first met this amazing couple, I knew that true love still reigns. The camaraderie between them makes you, pardon the pun, green with envy. After several discussions, we decided that our goal was to educate brides of color about the green theme and that it can be fabulous. Since this endeavor meant scrapping most of their original plans – two venues, etc, I decided to invite earth friendly companies to sponsor their wedding. I am pleased to say that I have secured the services of some very talented vendors and yes, there is room for more of you to join us.

When asked about reducing their impact on the environment, most brides typically shrug and say “I hadn’t even thought about it.” My mother used to say that “when people know better, they will do better.” Well, I am counting on that being true. Here’s what we know for sure:

1) Weddings create a huge impact on the environment. Particularly when guests utilize air travel, hosting in two venues, importing flowers and meat.

2) Wedceptions are the way to go. Hosting a wedception allows your guest the added bonus of having to travel less. Most weddings require air travel, taxis, hotels, rental cars, and a lot of time wasted searching for venues that are always way out in the boondocks. Whereas a wedception allows you to walk up the isle between your comfortably seated guest and everybody gets to stay put. After the ceremony, your guest can mingle for a lively cocktail hour instead of navigating highways in a city known for confusing street signs. And here’s another huge perk – wedceptions are cheaper! If you host in two separate locations, your photography and DJ fees are higher. Decorating one venue is much more practical than two.

If you have never dreamed of a Green Wedding I encourage you to do so. Believe me when I tell you that incorporating natural beauty your decorating theme has amazing effect. Might I suggest table numbers nestled in soft beds of real moss. Visualize real flowers and fresh food from local growers. Natural lighting illuminating the graceful folds of the satiny chair covers. Imagine each guest walking way with a live seedling that will add to the earth instead of taking away. Smell the soy-based candles lightly scenting the room in orange and vanilla. Smile while the digital film captures that most significant day the two of you will share together. Green can be glamorous. Eco can be elegant. And being earth friendly does not have to mean having to compromise on style.

Carol will be giving us more eco-friendly tips and keeping us updated on Bridget and Les’s wedding plans. Feel free to visit her on the web at CMarieEventsandRentals.


Sugar & Spice Event Design said...

I love the concept of green wedding... it can be done so classicly!

Moriah said...

This is such an inspiring story! I am excited to follow and see what great ideas transpire!

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